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​The Roots of a Causal Cone  

An interactive sculpture built from HPS employee motion trails that transforms activity in the building into waves of light

30' x 20' x 30', fiberglass, steel, nylon, custom electronics and programming, programmable LEDs, relays for magnetic card readers. Commissioned by Heartland Payment Systems for HPS lobby in Jeffersonvill IN. Completion date: fall, 2013.

This 3D animation briefly illustrates the sculpture's development: tracking the motion of HPS employees, lofting their motion into trails, and finally, arranging the combined trails. The interactive aspects of the work show how individual door-access card swipes trigger cascades of light along the motion trails. These six interlacing trails are composites of movement from six quadrants of the building. And for each quadrant, there is an LED-activated card reader. So, for example, when someone swipes a card in quadrant 1, he triggers light to travel along the recorded motion trails from quadrant 1.

The overall effect of the piece is to make visible the intertwined vitality of a community by generating a visible pulse of the building in a dance through the organically formed yet architecturally guided roots. At 9am, a surge; at 2pm, a drip and a lull; 8pm, sleep.​

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Modeling motion trails



Motion mapping selected sites ​​

These sites highlight the full range of motion and employee diversity within Heartland Payment Systems: stretching from the the common areas on the second floor, down the break room on the first floor, onto to loading dock in the basement to and out through the parking lot.


Preliminary experiments with LED programming


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