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30' x 20' x 30', fiberglass, steel, nylon, custom electronics and programming, programmable LEDs, relays for magnetic card readers. Commissioned by Heartland Payment Systems for HPS lobby in Jeffersonville IN, 2016

The geometry of this interactive light sculpture is built out of 3D motion trails of company employees as they navigate their company headquarters. The final composition is an evenly split demographic collage of 42 individual’s trails out of the 1000+ who work at the HQ. The aim of this work is to create a true portrait of the workers and create a visual representation of the living pulse of the HQ. The LED array is wired up to every card reader in the building. When an employee swipes their card a pulse of light is triggered and cascades throughout the sculpture.


Modeling motion trails


These sites highlight the full range of motion and employee diversity within Heartland Payment Systems: stretching from the the common areas on the second floor, down the break room on the first floor, onto to loading dock in the basement to and out through the parking lot.


LED programming



Motion mapping select sites

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