Quinta Stills​

3D animation (low res vers.) with original music composed and recorded by the artist, 3 min 45 sec, 2011

I convert my own musical composition, Quinta, into a three-dimensional form using a 3-axis coordinate system in a CAD environment. The 'x' represents the Western 12 note semitone series, 'y' is time in seconds, and 'z' is the frequency, or octave range. A color is designated to each of the 9 instruments. Note shapes emerge and are extruded along the path their musical notation dictates, resulting in an improbable, organic architectural phantasm.


Quinta Model for Fabrication​
Cross-Sections​, video, 1 min 57 sec, 2012

A horizontal dissection of Quinta's body.

4 Instruments, Installation View, SVA MFA Thesis Show

Sharpies, excel spreadsheets, tape, 7' x 12', 2012

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