Just The Tip

Sva MFA Thesis Show

Curated by Mike Egan

Feb 24 - March 10, 2012


"Artists have forever attempted to record, display, and make visible that which is not. David Ostro's complex digital models of musical structures are studies in sensory translation--improbable sculptures of invisible architecture."

               - Wendy White, artist and curator

"All of the noble pieties and august orthodoxies of the most dexterous theoreticians could not produce a universal statement capable of annunciating a purview common to such an opulent variety of diverse expressions. So, my simple unadorned counsel would be to toss all theories you have, peel your eyes until they enjoy far-reaching clarity, and rejoice fully in visual panoply.

             - David Shirey, Chair MFA Fine Arts SVA

Interactive Artwork by David Ostro at NYPL

Curated by Wasted Spaces

Manhattan Cocktail Classic 2012

May 2012

Join curator Michael Sharp of Wasted Spaces and media artist David Ostro for an unforgettable evening of interactive artistic wonders at Manhattan Cocktail Classic. 

Friend of a Friend

Thompson Giroux Gallery

Nov 10 2012 - Jan 16 2013

Thompson Giroux Gallery presents “Friend of a Friend” an exhibition featuring 16 artists, all of whom are friends to each other or friends to the Gallery. Ostro presents complex visuals that lay waste to the boundaries of traditional media...

239 Days

Allegra LaViola Gallery

Curated by Stephen Maine

​Jan 4 - Jan 12 2013

Allegra LaViola Gallery and The School of Visual Arts are pleased, proud and pumped to present “239 Days: School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts Class of 2012,” featuring new work by recent graduates of this distinguished program.
The exhibition will occupy both levels of the gallery. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of SVA’s Graduate Fine Arts program, the show includes work in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, and sound—all of it completed within the 239-day period between the artists’ official receipt of their Master’s degree on Graduation Day and the exhibition’s January 4, 2013 opening.


HVCCA Peekskill Project V

April 16th - May 18th, 2013


The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in association with the Westchester Digital Arts Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of interactive sculpture and video works David Ostro, a new media artist who lives and works in New York City. Fascinated with building synesthetic experiences that interlace our modes of perception to extend the limited reach of the human mind, Ostro transforms the gallery space into a musical stage, enticing viewes into an unfathomable realm of sonic and geometric possibilities. 

The show boasts "Neither artworks, nor musical instruments, nor toys; the forms hang somewhere in between reflecting facets of all three. They are invitations to experience the shape of forms through hearing and touch. And when people engage with these synesthetic devices together, the ensemble forms a Penteract."

Flow Follow Flow

Rupert Ravens Nexxt Gallery

May 25 - July 28, 2013

Opening reception: Saturday May 25 | 7PM - 9PM


Located in a 20,000 sq ft venue, part of the expansive 460,000 sq ft historic mill complex known as the ArtFactory, Nexxt showcases artists who explore visual language implicitly in a way that is concise, authentic and vital.

In quest for Next Art, Flow Follow Flow orchestrates a move beyond the bankrupt age of conceptual replication into a state of designed phenomenology. The delectation of radiant and responsive elements is served up as a tangy marinade, releasing us from a starvation diet of post war contemporary.

In the soaring expanse of cathedral-vaulted space, with a Csikszentmihalyi’s "self-absorbed, contemplative awareness," viewers interact with voluminous, sensory/auditory concoctions.

These psychological and rhythmic corporeal works embody an immersive Zen or Aha moment - known to artists, musicians and athletes alike as being ‘in the Zone.’

With laser-focus concentration, in-Flow emotions and senses are not just channeled, but heightened. In sustained momentum, Flow spawns a feeling of capricious accord, even rapture.