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Interactive sound and video installation, 2011


From 12th century Old English, "mund" refers to an outflow from the 'mouth of the world'; in our case, an outflow of gold.



Born out of the death of the dying star,

this rare element is a token of pure alchemy from aeons past.


The source material for the video elements come from images of solar flares taken by the SOHO satellite as it orbits the sun. The original audio footage was taken from the recorded sounds of selfsame solar flares, these amber tongues, as they lick the magnetosphere of the earth.

This work swings between two different modes, idle and interactive. During idle, the sound (an overtone series based on aforementioned audio source) controls the motion and oscillation of the video elements. During the interactive mode, the participants' heartbeat is detected by the sensor. The sound is resampled live and in turn controls the shape and motion of the object in the video.


You’re a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust,

what do you have to be scared of?

 - Carl Sagan


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