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Oil on canvas, 48" x 64", 2007
After producing the Clearing series, I continue my investigation into the spatial dominion of truth (see Clearing). These openings in the forest that are free from obstructions are revelation-spaces which bring forth substance and mindfulness into being.

With the Clearing series, I considered that truth may take quarter with us every day within the everyday. Could it's dominion live within the unconcealed, forgotten spaces lost to memory in transition? The overlooked nooks on the train, or surrounding doric columns in the parking garage; the sooty waiting benches at the bust terminal, or highway shoulders beneath the overpass; the airplane aisles, seats, windows.

These unconsidered spheres which together we collectively render into invisibility with our collective 'mindlessness' are secretly sparking with the potential energy of their neglect. With the Clearing series, I sought to release this energy to transform these 'empty' spaces into 'clearing' or 'hallowed' spaces,


Now with Deposition. I collect the component vestiges of transportation--guard rails, side view mirrors, seatbelts, etc.--into a visceral amalgam so that I may lay it down to it's final resting place. Because these parts to the whole serve not only to facilitate the acceleration of the traveler, but also to deteriorate his or her mindful awareness in inverse proportion, I wonder, for the sake of wisdom, that if the traveler cannot overcome the spirit-rot inherent to the technology, perhaps this 'God' ought to be put down like those who came before it. 



Oil on acetate, 84" x 102", 2008



Mixed media on canvas, 57" x 57", 2007

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