DAOLAB Studios is an Interdisciplinary Art Studio and Innovation Lab based in Oakland and NYC that specializes in New Media Art, Public Art & Interactive Installations.

DAOLAB Studios brings together a collaborative group of architects, engineers, fabricators, programmers, and scientists from a pool of talented local and international DAOLAB MakeTank makerspace members. The team, led by David Ostro, develops projects which generate new and tangible ways of perceiving the fundamental constructs of reality at widely varying scales from the handheld to the architectural.

Through multidisciplinary experimentation, radical implementation and rigorous iteration, each work is uniquely tailored to reflect the clients’ needs and accentuate their unique attributes.

The most recent generations of work depict the invisible architecture of human interaction through the study of higher dimensional geometry and pedestrian transit patterns. These works feature innovative fiberglass and plastic fabrication techniques with interactive LED and touch-sensor interfaces.

The studio's design methodology marries the traditional techniques of sculpture, music, and film with cutting-edge technologies from the fields of computer science, engineering, and physics.

To form a sum greater than its parts, representational sculpture, mold-making and casting merge with algorithmic-aided design, mechanical engineering, digital prototyping and fabrication, and custom electronics.

Traditional musical instrumentation, harmony and counterpoint combine with custom electrical instruments, digital sound design and generative signal coding.

Film-making couples with 3d animation, data visualization and interactive visual programming.

In addition to art fabrication, the studio also regularly hosts workshops and events in order to further artistic and intellectual exchanges with organizations and institutions outside the art world.