In Being and Time Heidegger describes the Clearing as the space in which some thing or idea can come into true 'being', to be unconcealed. This can be interpreted as the internal faculty of mindfulness, but also as the external revelation-space-- an opening in the forest that is free of obstructions. Within these finite clearings, eternity and wisdom are offered, substance is born and with it, life. 


Lao Tze too, surmised: "Who can still the muddied water, slowly rendering it clear; who can stir the calm, slowly bringing it to life?"

In our fully-mapped contemprary landscape, where can we go to unearth these mystical, cerebral pockets of reality? If indeed truth had a spatial designation, where would it reside? Perhaps neither at the fringes in shadow since most have been exposed long ago nor within the light of the temples, shining with beams of half-truths from a distant time onto overcrowded pews.


Perhaps truth takes quarter with us every day within the everyday. 


Could it's dominion live within the unconcealed, forgotten spaces lost to memory in transition? These overlooked nooks on the train, or surrounding doric columns in the parking garage; these sooty waiting benches at the bust terminal, or highway shoulders beneath the overpass; these airplane aisles, seats, windows.

These unconsidered spheres which together we collectively render into invisibility with our collective 'mindlessness' are secretly sparking with potential energy in inverse proportion to their neglect. I seek to release this energy to transform these 'empty' spaces into clearing spaces, 


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