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85” x 90” x 104”

Marble, clear cast urethane, dichroic film, stainless steel, concrete

The Ellarslie Museum at Cadwalader Park, Trenton, NJ


Anthology is an interactive sculpture composed of several hundred identical urethane resin cast components. They are fitted and locked together with annular snap fit mechanisms that allow for each component to be freely rotated. Viewers are invited to reshape the piece at will by rotating different components of the whole, offering near infinite variations of the sculpture. Additionally, each component acts as a wind flute. As the sculpture is reshaped so too is the music it produces. Anthology is digitally interactive. By scanning a smartphone over symbols embedded in the artwork viewers are connected with real-life inspiring stories of young adults who have overcome their struggles with homelessness.​​




I cannot convey the story of each struggling youth. I have not lived their life, and it would be inappropriate to interpret one voice, or their shared voices. I am on the outside, but from this vantage point I can see the connections that make up the organization and its members. My aim is to provide a fitting stage for individuals who have struggled with homelessness to tell their story. Rather than an anthology in book form I present an anthology in three-dimensional form. Just as I invite viewers to participate in the formation of the artwork, I also invite the subjects of the artwork to participate in sharing their story for the world to read.



Each sculptural component, each connection, each story contains the seed of the next. One story always begets another, and so too does the shape of each component begets the next. 

The Giving Tree

Viewers are invited to add and subtract components from the work. If components are removed, we ask something be given in return, either in the form of donation on the website or by spreading the word of mouth about the Anchor House organization. The artwork will serve as a tree germinating its seeds as it sheds its leaves to the viewer. Of course, a substantial repository of components will be cached to ‘return the leaves to the tree’ if it is plucked too thin.



1   QR-Code Activation


2   Anthology Website 

A repository of stories from homeless youth


3   Component Rotation

int_comp rotation.jpg

4   Wind Flute Instrumentation





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